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Fun times in Riga and mobile competition for peer-to-peer bitcoin exchanges. Bitcoin Monthly with BQA and Antomous

Bitcoin monthly 0020

In today’s episode I spoke to BQA and Antomous about how much fun they had at the Baltic Honeybadger 2022 conference in Riga. BQA gave a talk during the event for bitcoin beginners and Antomous had a booth representing SeedSigner and Vulcan21. It seems it was a pure bitcoiner event with a high signal-to-noise ratio.

One of the larger announcements of the conference was the mobile only peer-to-peer bitcoin exchange “peach”. BQA had the chance to test the app and goes into detail on the setup and workflow. Although we love Bisq and Robosats, this is exactly what we have been waiting for. The app is currently still in beta, but we shouldn’t have to wait long for the official release.

Speaking of Bisq, they released a minor update with a lot of small improvements. We also talked about two major updates from the two big players in lightning: CLN and LND. MyNode is also working hard to close the gap to the marketplace-based platforms in the node implementation competition and Trezor has finally integrated coin control.

To wrap up Antomous let us know that the SeedSigner is finally available again at Vulcan21 and that they are putting out a daily Twitter guide series on handling a SeedSigner.

As always, I enjoyed speaking to these two and would urge anyone with questions to reach out my DM is always open.

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