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ACTION NEWS!!! Is your source for news on the #Bitcoin mining scene! Statistics, #Bitcoinmining news, energy market alpha, comedy relief and as always, witty banter between Jon and Max.

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Intro Music: Husker Du - Divide and Conquer

In this episode we deep dive into Statistics, particularly cost to mine statistics, read another excellent Bitcoin Bugle Article, get an energy lesson from Bassload, and get skinny on the mining industry from Altair. We also cover self-appointed Bitcoin saviors who no one wants or asked for. BIP-47 is alive and well, PayNyms still work! Powerful forces of seek to divide and conquer, not just factions within the Bitcoin and Sovereignty communities, but humanity. Resist these physical and spiritual attacks with knowledge!

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Lincoin Mining brings you Statistics like: global hashrate, hash price, hash value, tx fees, and more. Lincoin has made some changes to their payout structures. Minimum payout is now .0001 for lightning and .005 for on chain, make changes as necessary.

The statistics section of this episode of intense, best to listen with a pencil, paper, and calculator in hand. Operating a 1PH bitcoin mining setup, focusing solely on electricity costs at a rate of $0.07 per kWh, requires 20 kW of power, resulting in a daily electricity expense of $33. This generates $50 in Bitcoin daily, leading to a profit of $16.40 per day or approximately $500 per month, excluding significant additional costs for equipment and containers. Listen for even more cost to mine breakdown. We also breakdown an off-grid solar mining setup with data received from a Pleb who is trying it, $8,500, including panels, control box, batteries, a tracker, and mining hardware. Despite these investments, the system, with limited 33% uptime, generates approximately $100 per month in Bitcoin, with 2-year monthly loan expenses of $350 at best. Mining has its challenges, and we feature this cost to mine breakdown in order to give listeners a better understanding of the operational costs of various scale and type of mining operations.


Jon reviews an article by Richard Greaser of the Bitcoin Bugle Mass Non-Compliance Erupts Wait Until the People Who Just Want to Comply and Be Left Alone Get Involved.

This Bugle article has been brought to you by your friends at PODCONF.

PSA Ungovernable Misfits is NOT PODCONF approved, we encourage you to tune into PODCONF approved podcasts like “What the Bitcoins do” “Why We are Bullshit” and the “Swan News Happy Hour” We at PODCONF boast a growing list of PODCONF approved and trained journalists like Natalie Brunells, Stephan Librara, and Pete Rizzler, who are guaranteed to provide accurate, peer reviewed, and compliant Bitcoin content, free of disinformation.

Continued listening to non PODCONF approved pods like Ungovernable Misfits may cause the following side effects: restlessness, curiosity, skepticism, autonomy, sovereignty, defiance, kinship, competence, proficiency, enlightenment, wisdom, self-determination, and overall…nonconformity.

At PODCONF, we only want the best for you, and the Children, as we believe, they are the future.

Altair gives us the skinny on the mining industry: Square is entering the Bitcoin mining ASIC space, challenging industry leaders like Bitmain and Whatsminer by announcing their own ASIC chip designs, potentially increasing competition as well-capitalized players like Sealminer and Block enter the market.

Bitcoin Bassload Update – Don’t Believe the HYPE!

Building power plants is a massive undertaking, moving from concept and design to operational phases. It's crucial to understand that requesting MWs and actually receiving them are completely different, necessitating new rate classifications. Despite an ISO having 175,000 MW of solar ready to integrate, grid realities mean only about 25% of that can actually be utilized. Interconnection queues are also typically oversubscribed, not all projects make it through. This complexity makes it essential to ask hard questions and understand the fundamental physics involved.

Be sure to visit for more writings and to catch up on past articles.

We Ungovernable Misfits, bound by themes like autonomy, self-reliance, and skepticism of authority, face external forces that use these traits to divide and weaken us, employing tactics of discord to dilute our collective resolve. Recognizing these divisive strategies is crucial as they are maneuvers by those who fear our individual sovereignty and seek to undermine our commitment to freedom.

See you next time! F@%CKERS!!!

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(00:00:00) Welcome Mi Familia 🤝

(00:02:26) Boosts From the Plebs

(00:14:06) STATISTICS 📊

(00:15:02) LINCOIN: Payout Thresholds Are Going UP

(00:19:20) Hal-Finning: Before & After

(00:24:28) What Were You Wearing During the Halving?

(00:29:42) Mining for the Greater Good

(00:32:04) Get Your Calculators Out 🧮

(00:41:42) Gettin' Dirty on the Grandparents Roof

(00:44:25) Morality Has No Place in This Mining Town

(00:46:35) Booster ⚡️ Questions the Science

(00:49:28) Mining, Selling Crack and the Mafia

(00:54:22) ⚡️ Send Us a Boost! ⚡️

(00:55:50) Wait. What's This About a Volkswagon?!

(00:58:09) Art 🎨 By Bit-Buy-Bittenschtein

(00:59:40) BIFROST Manufacturing: The Talent Whisperers

(01:03:01) Sunday Solomine Soiree's

(01:05:36) ACTION NEWS!!! 📰

(01:07:18) PODCONF Presents The Bitcoin Bugle

(01:09:08) "Mass Non Compliance Erupts Following FBI PSA"

(01:12:46) Altair is Trustpilot Approved ✅

(01:17:33) Altair's Industry Inside Scoop 🔎

(01:20:24) BASSLOAD: Don't Believe the Hype

(01:23:07) Dorsey, Mallers, Saylor...It's a Milieu

(01:28:02) Don't be a Petatard

(01:29:37) 🥷 BIP 47 & Paynyms 🥷

(01:37:52) Wife Talk 💅

(01:39:41) Lake Satoshi Beach Retreat is Coming Soon

(01:43:36) Do Not Let Them Divide & Conquer

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