Podcasts: Ed Dowd: Banking Failures and Market Crash Will Lead to Great Reset, CBDCs and Fight for Freedom 🔗 12 days ago

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In this episode with macro analyst Ed Dowd, we discuss: 

  • The current state of the economy and whether a crash is looming
  • What would a 30-50% stock crash look like and could money printing 'save it'
  • Bank consolidations: Ed predicts failures of many regional banks and a few Too Big to Fail Banks emerging at the top
  • How will a CBDC work and why would they introduce one?
  • Is Bitcoin the solution to the broken financial system?
  • Are leaders malicious or incompetent?
  • Why the divide of red vs blue?
  • Why Ed sees a lot of hope 


Bio: Edward Dowd is currently a founding partner with Phinance Technologies a global macro alternative investment firm. He has worked on Wall Street most of his career spanning both credit markets and equity markets. Some of the firms he worked for include HSBC, Donaldson Lufkin & Jenrette, Independence Investments, and most notably at Blackrock as a portfolio manager where he managed a $14 billion Growth equity portfolio for ten years. After BlackRock, he founded OceanSquare Asset Management with two former BlackRock colleagues.

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This podcast is for educational purposes and should not be construed as official investment advice.



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