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"Educating the world about bitcoin has succeeded in building a community of knowledgeable, dedicated, enthusiastic people from the fields of tech, economics, politics, and finance, but orange pilling has taken us as far as it can. Like many strategies, the marginal gains of educating the world were remarkable in the early stages, but they’ve flattened... Orange pilling has stopped working." - Roy Sheinfeld

Has Bitcoin's "orange-pilling" strategy reached its limits? Explore why traditional methods of educating the masses about Bitcoin are losing steam and discover the new approaches needed to drive adoption in a changing landscape. Join us as we delve into the future of Bitcoin adoption and the role of technology in creating real-world utility.

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“We don’t yet know the names of the architects who will build the next upgrade to the secret-killing machine. But we’ll know them by their work” -Andy Greenberg

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