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The hardware game is becoming more competitive, with new entrants like Jack Dorsey’s Block, Marathon Digital-backed Auradine and more. And then there’s this whole AI thing which mining CEOs and others keep talking about! 

To make it straight, we brought on ePIC Blockchain co-founder Earl Mai to discuss ePIC’s hardware product line, the difficulties of getting a hardware startup off the ground, what its like to compete against Bitmain and how mining–and AI–could converge together over the next few years!

Chapter Markers:

00:00 Start

03:07 Earl's background

04:51 ePIC's products

05:45 Earl's early mining days

09:50 Moving from alts to bitcoin

12:46 ASIC design process

15:36 Why Bitmain dominates?

20:15 Bitmian chip design

21:51 Don't fight Bitmain

24:41 Components

26:18 Shoebox form factor

27:39 How not to get scammed

29:37 Next gen ASICS

30:34 Intel update

31:20 Competition in the space

33:14 Is Bitmain slowing template propagation?

39:06 Competitive edge on open network

40:43 Where's the new competitive edge?

44:20 AI and Bitcoin Mining

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