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This 2min trailer will bring CHILLS down your spine.

Two years, seven drafts & 125,000 words later, The Bushido of Bitcoinis finally available for pre-order.

Writing this book has been a journey, and the process literally transformed my understanding of the world.

What is the Bushido of Bitcoin?

This is NOT another history of money or economic justification for Bitcoin.
We’ve all been there and done that.

This is not even really a “Bitcoin book” but more a book about virtue, excellence, culture, behaviour and civilisation, which asks the much harder questions, including:

  • What sort of behaviour and virtues make for powerful and ascendant cultures?
  • Does material wealth corrupt, and if so, can we ever get away from it?
  • What becomes of those who rise to the top, in the new socio-economic paradigm?

Will they become:

  • A new kind of parasite?
  • Another bunch of degenerate? Or…
  • Men & women of virtue.

It’s not enough to just say “Bitcoin Fixes This.”
We must actually do something about it.

The age of fiat will not last. A new era is coming and it will take its place. The most important question is, who will lay claim to it?

In my opinion, it will be those who understand, that a new age, demands a new way of being. A new paradigm requires a new code, (a Bushido), that’s more vital, powerful and ascendant, and The Bushido of Bitcoin is that playbook.

I hope you enjoy the trailer, I hope it absolutely fires you up, and moves you. The goal of the trailer, which I believe is the first of its kind — was to make you FEEL what the book is about.

I have much more coming, and I’ll be posting a lot more from the book here on Substack. Not just excerpts, but insights and ideas related to things I explore in greater detail in the book.

The book is available for pre-order NOW on:

You can get the Digital, Audiobook and Print versions of the book for up to 50% off, along with some limited edition variants that once sold out, are sold out forever.

You can also pick up some free chapters here:

This book is my attempt to synthesise the best of what I’ve found in both the dissident grass-roots right and philosophy-centric bitcoin domain.

Some of you may be familiar with each other, but many of you will not. I hope this opens some doors and helps form a powerful alliance against the goblins and trolls running the world today.

I’d like to thank a few of you that helped and/or inspired me along the way.
(This is a good follow list, so take note)

John Carter - the best editor and intellectual sparring partner I could’ve asked for. Also one of the best writers you’ll come across. The book is not only twice as long but 10x better since you got involved and pushed me. Thankyou.

Ross Stevens — Thankyou for your support, for agreeing to write the foreword and most importantly, for being a modern day Cosimo de Medici. You are a true Renaissance man.

Mark Bisone - like JC’s writing, yours is by far some of the nuanced and refined on Substack. For anyone reading this, follow Mark’s work and be sure to check out his Knighthood pieces, which tie in VERY well to the theme of the book.

Uberboyo - your holistic view of the world and profound takes on Neech, Jung & the vital European soul were inspiring along the way.

Jash Dholani - you revealed new rabbit holes for me to venture down with your brilliant coverage and ability to extract wisdom from the old books. You are quoted throughout.

Saifedean Ammous - your work and integrity continue to inspire. You are of the rare few Austrians on earth today with the courage and fortitude to blaze a new trail.

allen farrington & Parker Lewis — your work on Bitcoin is the only work I reference and point people to if they want the economic argument for Bitcoin.

Heliand — Working with you on this trailer was a blast. You are a true magician. Reach out to this man if you want the best in video work.

And shoutout to DOS BRAINS for the music. Incredibly powerful, and I hope this trailer has done you justice.

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