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Bitcoin And . . .

Join me today for Episode 920 of Bitcoin And . . . 

Topics for today:

- RNC Embraces Bitcoin
- Aussies Get 2nd Spot BTC ETF
- Germans's Bitcoin Getting Soaked up by Market
- Paxful's Co-Founder Arrested

#Bitcoin #BitcoinAnd

Circle P:
If you (pleb) want to own some cows, have them rotationally grazed, be able to pick them up if you get your own farm, get a portion of their offspring, and get a prime spot to fish and camp near Kansas City and a several wineries, hit me up. 
Buying a herd of bred heifers in June. $3-4k in bitcoin per head and no ongoing maintenance cost. 8 accounted for so far, 17 head left.

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