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Welcome back to The Mining Pod! On today’s show, we’re sitting down with Leo Zhang of Alkimiya Protocol to discuss their novel trading solution for Bitcoin blockspace. Yes, you read that right! Alkimiya enables parties like wallets, miners or professional traders to take a position on Bitcoin blockspace. Widespread usage of this trading platform could enable wallets or others to issue on-chain transactions even when fees are high, balancing out the long term volatility of Bitcoin transaction fees. For miners, it might open up doors for trading a new commodity: Blockspace. 


00:00 Start

03:04 What's Alkyamya?

17:41 How can miners use?

22:54 How does it work?

24:31 Tech design of Alkyamya

26:05 Alkyamya & L2s

26:42 Building on Bitcoin

33:53 New Bitcoin proposals

39:11 Degen spillover

41:20 Final thoughts

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