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Welcome to the The Confab, the term derives from "confidential talk", which was commonly used in the Prohibition Era for meetings and conversations that took place in the smoky, rule-breaking speakeasies of that time.

The informal, privacy focused and clandestine nature of Ungovernable Misfits lends itself to these discussions.  So, grab a seat and a stiff drink from the concealed bar, listen and revel in the conversation.

On this episode, Seth For Privacy drops-in to speak with Max

Show Discussion

I. Introduction and Background
   - Explanation of the "Confab" format and the importance of private conversations
   - Acknowledgment of the changing privacy landscape and the need for reasonable voices

II. The State of Bitcoin Privacy
   - Discussion of the loss of Samourai Wallet and the impact on Bitcoin privacy
   - Challenges with using Lightning Network for private transactions

III. The Role of Monero
   - Appreciation for Monero's narrow focus on digital cash and its privacy improvements over time
   - Comparing the strengths and weaknesses of Bitcoin and Monero for privacy

IV. Strategies for Maintaining Privacy
   - Exploring the concept of using Monero as a "layer 2" for Bitcoin
   - Importance of understanding the trade-offs and risks of various privacy techniques

V. Emerging Privacy Solutions
   - Overview of silent payments and the potential of Bolt 12 for Lightning privacy
   - Discussion of Monero's upcoming "full chain membership proofs" upgrade

VI. Practical Considerations and Cautions
   - Advice on using Monero wallets and managing inputs/outputs
   - Warnings about the risks of cross-chain swaps and custodial services

VII. Spending Monero and Finding Merchant Acceptance
   - Recommendations for services like Cake Pay and Coin Cards
   - Importance of in-person purchases to maintain privacy

VIII. Conclusion and Closing Thoughts
   - Appreciation for the guest's honesty and nuanced approach to privacy
   - Encouragement to continue the conversation and collaborate on solutions




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(00:00:00) INTRO 🏴‍☠️🖕

(00:01:08) BOOSTS ⚡️


(00:04:40) Welcome to The Confab Seth

(00:10:24) Dipping the Toes Into the Monero Water

(00:12:04) Monero as a Privacy Tool 🛠

(00:17:33) Different Risks for Different Pricks

(00:22:04) Laptop + Start9 = Good 👍 Node Setup

(00:24:39) Storing Wealth In Bitcoin Without Privacy

(00:34:43) Coming Back Around to Lightning

(00:39:51) The 💩 Coin Wallets

(00:42:01) Influencer Infiltration

(00:53:24) Do You See Anything Promising on the Horizon?

(00:56:55) Full Chain Membership Proofs in Monero

(01:05:33) The Issue with Swapping Into Monero

(01:11:14) Spending 💵 Monero: Cake Pay

(01:12:17) Spending 💵 Monero: Coincards

(01:12:52) Spending 💵 Monero: Monerica

(01:13:38) Did I Dox Myself?

(01:17:37) On The Same Page 📖

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